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2.5 D Animation Services
“The perfect way to live your future is to create it”

2.5D video branding is a form of marketing and it only helps in building the brand stronger and unique to acquire prospective customers. Our animation videos are personalized and relevant to every viewer on site. This makes your brand connect with viewers in a more personalized manner. We provide the technology-based perfect solution that will benefit customers, by giving you quality animation work and stay renowned.

2.5D Animation Services

Animation videos are the best way to explain or promote a service/product that would be otherwise difficult to represent with live action footage. At Wintellen, we provide full-service animation, meaning we storyboard, design, and animate pretty much anything. All of our design is custom, modern, trendy, and in-line with your brand identity, colours, and fonts.

At Wintellen we develop 2.5D animation, as the name suggests, lies somewhere between the 2D and 3D space. 2.5D is a form of animation that relies on 3D objects placed within a 2D environment. This means that, while the background is flat, the hero subject of the video is in 3D. This creates an intriguing effect, that when harnessed properly, can add a whole different feel and texture to the video. And of course, typically, 2.5D isn’t as expensive to create as a fully-fledged 3D animation either.